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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Balance. What a Concept.

A few years ago I would have done that circular hand gesture to my head (ala CA-RAAAAZY!) if you would have told me that this weekend I would practically be doing cartwheels (ok I can't really do cartwheels - that's why I said "practically." I faked them to make the cheerleading squad) ~ when for four days in a row my blood pressure has been in the 120's over the 80's.  Woohoo!

So, although most of the credit is most likely due to a new medication (yes, I hate the fact that I have to be on medication but I have no choice) I would like to think that I've made some lifestyle choices that have helped as well.

First ~ I had the luxury of having a couple of weeks off in July so I was able to step away from work a bit and do other things.  Like move my studio to a larger space.

This was quite a job - moving and organizing everything. 
But now that I am settled in, it was so worth it!

I had a few play dates with my Mister - Steve Martin, Edie Brickell and the Steep Canyon Rangers were fun.  We had a great dinner at Lucy's and a fun show at Comedy Works with Sherri Shepherd.  We had another great meal at Tamayo and then it was on to Cirque du Soleil and Amaluna. Next week we have dinner at Lucy's again and then on to Comedy Works to see Kevin Nealon.

Cirque never disappoints.  Ever.

Rather than drive 22 hours (round trip) across NE Colorado and Nebraska and halfway thru Iowa again (because after 39 years my head would explode if I had to do that One. More. Time.), when we visit my Mom for her 95th birthday in a couple of weeks, we opted to fly into Minneapolis. We'll mix in a little culture, art, shopping, great restaurants in the Twin Cities with our visit to Mom in Iowa.

And we're planning long-term for some very cool trips.

I'm really working on letting go of stress and unnecessary drama.

I'm being pro-active about my health - asking questions and pushing authority. Yeah, that's the rebel hippie chick making a comeback!

We hired a housekeeper. So oddly enough I now sit in my studio creating while every other Friday some little cleaning angel comes in and cleans my whole house.  What a concept...

My Mister recently was tested for food allergies and since - as he says - he is allergic to just about everything but oxygen  ~ we've made some big changes in our diet. I was tested, too, and although my results aren't in yet, I'm assuming I will have many of the same restrictions. And besides... we're a team.

So I rid the pantry of everything containing gluten, dairy, eggs, soy and beef.
Not that there would be beef in the pantry.
Obviously booze is not off the table.

We're eating healthier.

And I promised myself I would resume (yet again) my morning regime.  Work the body, clear the head and open it to creative and positive thoughts.

Peace and love, baby... peace and love. 

And normal blood pressure. Even though I am now in my busiest few months of the year I am striving to hang on to this.  If I'm not careful I might actually find balance. Omg. What a concept.

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