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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Birthdays and Aging and History

It's my sweetie's 54th birthday today.  The 22nd one I've spent with him.  So that thing I said about time being fleeting.  Hell yes it is.  Wow.

He was actually 31 when I met him; but as we were learning about each other and he discovered I was 36 he lied and said he was 36, too.  He turned 32 a month later and I think I began to suspect something was amiss then.  By that time it didn't matter.  I was too far gone.

When I met him he was younger than both my sons are now in 2013.  That is how fricking fast time goes.  (They are 36 and 33 now.)  And yet ~ I don't feel much older than when we met.  Of course, looking in the mirror reality smacks me upside the head on that one. 

Thinking about aging always brings to mind a line from "Meet Joe Black." Anthony Hopkins (as William Parrish) toasts the crowd assembled for his birthday saying, "And I'm going to break precedence and tell you my one candle wish:  that you would have a life, as lucky as mine where you can wake up one morning and say, 'I don't want anything more.' 65 years, don't they go by in a blink?"

And to that I say ~ hell yes they do.  

So Charlie and I are going to take a big bite out of life today.  Or at least go to lunch.  After work.  And maybe start planning that 20th Wedding Anniversary vacation ~ because that happens this year, too.  Wouldn't that be loverly...

I caught these geese gliding by the kitchen window early this AM as I prepared breakfast for Cry Baby Ranch (aka A-choo).  Her nickname is another story for another day.  

So, Mornin' Peeps!

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