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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Why I'm Here

My cell phone has made me a lazy photographer.

Facebook has made me a lazy writer.

A recent visit to a Georgia O'Keeffe exhibit inspired me to create this blog.  I'm not selling anything; not promoting anything.  This is my little space for me to just be me.  Relax a little already. 

Because at 58 and approaching age 60, Georgia got me thinking about how best to spend the rest of my time.  Holy moly time goes fast.  

I find I am beginning to instinctively take a few more chances.  I'm saying yes a little more often. I am worrying less about what others think of me and conversely listening to my own inner drummer more.  I want to travel more; there is so much out there I've yet to see...

I'm also giving myself permission to be selective as to how I spend my time and my energy ~ to surround myself with happy, positive and fun experiences and people.  I'm a little more outspoken and suffer fools less often.  Because I think I've earned the right to say no, too.  

So, come along on the ride if you want.  This is where I'll be starting my day ~ and maybe even ending my day ~ or checking in at noon.  It's my blog I can do whatever the hell I want.  ;-)  

And it is where I'll be greeting you each morning.  On that note ~~

Mornin' peeps!

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