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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Tech Free Freedom!

Have you ever left home and forgotten your phone?  And by the time you realized it it wasn't worth it to go all the way back home to get it?  And you kinda' felt naked?

That happened to me yesterday.  The Birthday Boy and I were stepping out for just a short time ~ a drink at one of our favorite Cherry Creek North haunts (when I strike it big I still say we're moving to Cherry Creek North!) and picking up what we want to make for Birthday dinner at the super duper fancy dancy King Soopers in Glendale.  You know - the huge one that has everything including a nicely-stocked liquor store.  That's unusual in Colorado so the one-stop shopping is a real treat.

So on our way there I realized I had no phone.  Oh nos!  How will anyone know I've checked in at Hillstone?  I can't post a photo of the birthday duck and my chardonnay and Charlie's vodka tonic on Facebook!  No one will be able to comment on what a great time I must be having!  I can't check my email!  (You will notice I wasn't concerned about missing any phone calls...)

Once I recovered from my mini panic attack and sat back and relaxed I realized this was kind of nice.  Look at me, actually giving my full attention to my husband (and we had some pretty interesting things to talk about!).  We chatted up our sweet bartender, Jordie, who much to our surprise (because we don't see her often) remembered exactly what we drink (right down to the Frank Family chardonnay I drink there and nowhere else).  She even bought our drinks in honor of Charlie's birthday.

No one knew when I checked into King Soopers or what we bought for our Birthday dinner (ribeye for him and wild tuna for me).  It was a totally unconnected, technology free afternoon.

So am I saying I'll leave my phone home more often?  

Are you crazy?  No way!

It being Easter Sunday and all you know I had to do it (and I just realized this has ended up being yet again another bird-related post)...

Mornin' PEEPS!
(ala Lensbaby 2.0)

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