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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Decision Time.

I read my horoscope almost every morning.  Not because I believe in it.  Just because I'm curious.  Sometimes it is just silly.  Sometimes it is pretty close to what I'm thinking/feeling.  And sometimes it cosmically helps me make a decision or answer a question.  On those days I believe in it.  ;-)  Take today's horoscope for instance (and I'm paraphrasing):

"Be as realistic as possible and clearly let others know what you can and cannot do.  They will appreciate your direct approach and accurate assessment more than an unrealistic promise that can't be kept.  Take a deep breath and smile; even super heroes can't be everywhere at once."

Today that helped me make a decision.  One that enabled me to walk out the door with my camera this morning and go for an honest-to-god 20 minute walk.  Something I haven't done in months.  And for someone who used to walk at least an hour every morning it is something I have dearly missed.

So as invitations for my Whee Ones and I to participate in summer markets and local artists' events are coming in I've really been on the fence.  

Because even though some of the markets and events are quite prestigious and well-attended, with my usual workload keeping 9 stores across the country stocked with both Whee Ones and photography and maintaining 2 Etsy shops ~~ it's a lot to take on.  I even received an invitation to exhibit my photography at another RAW Natural Born Artists/Denver event.  I'm so flattered and honored by the invitations but what I am learning is that even though my first instinct is to respond with a resounding "YES!" ~ it's not always in my best interest [personally] to commit to every offer that comes my way.  So I am really trying to take time and listen to my heart.  If my heart isn't in it it's time to say no.

I've been running like a machine for a couple of years now and it has taken a toll on my family life, my social life, my eating habits, my sleeping habits and now my body ~ my back has been jacked up for months and I've put on more lbs. than I'd like to admit.  (Denial has been my friend for a long time now...)

So although it's been hard, I'm saying "No" a little more often and finding that it allows me to do things like ~ go out the door, camera in hand and discover the beauty that lies in my own backyard (or front yard as it may be)...

Like these little guys bravely surviving our recent snows... literally outside my front door.

And sunshine...

And dreams of travels to faraway places.  Or at least the PNW...  And the realization that reclaiming my life ~ at least a small portion of it ~ is going to be a good thing.

And with that ~
Mornin' peeps!!

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