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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Lessons in Love

And just like that life got oh so much better.

Kizzie makes me go outside. And suddenly I remember how beautiful nature is.

Returning home from a dentist appointment yesterday I was reminded how wonderful it is to walk in the door and see a little furball shaking with so much excitement she can barely contain herself.  The only thing cuter was watching her later in the day... She already knows the sound of the garage door and that means something good is going to happen. When she heard that around 5:00 yesterday I watched her leap from her studio bed and sit at the top of the stairs in anticipation. Is it Dad? Is Dad home?

And she wasn't disappointed! The door opened and she heard, "Kizzie!  Kizzie where are you?"  She tore down the stairs and jumped up and down - "Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! Dad's home!"

And, of course, that meant another walk was in order - even though it was a little confusing with both Mom and Dad.

Before we knew it we had covered several blocks!

After that it was time for Kizzie's first bath.

And despite her look of terror, she rather enjoyed it and didn't squeak a peep!

I towel-dried her and put her down and immediately - as is her wont - 
she jumped right smack dab into a pile of pillows.

She started to shiver so we lit the fire so she could warm up. The caveat being - since she is often kind of glued to my hip, I had to sit on the floor next to her so she would stay on her bed.  

And her reward for being such a good girl?  Brand spankin' new collar and her very own pink name tag - complete with Swarovski crystals. Only the best for our girl.

That being said, however ~ 
whoever said diamonds are a girl's best friend, 
never owned a dog.

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