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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Mornin' Peeps!

You know how it is. The cat decides it your turn to be her midnight buddy and she's walking up and down your body, meowing in your ear until you finally give up and rise at about 4 am.

Get up ya' lazy bum!
It's 3:30 and I'm hungry!

So even though I have a ton of work to do I decide, oh what the hell, it's only 4:15. I think I'll play around with the design of my blog. When I started this blog back in March I had just visited an impressive Georgia O'Keeffe exhibit at DAM. Obviously she had an impact on me because my take-away was her statement about "walking on the edge of the knife." At that time in my life I felt a little edgy, a little ready to take on the world ~ so I dubbed my blog "Walking on the Edge of the Knife."

I've been thinking for awhile that although I like to think I still have that edge to me a bit ~ today I am a more kind and gentle Cindi. Experiences over the past few months have mellowed me, humbled me and made me more grateful than edgy. So the Pollyanna side of me is kind of winning over the Georgia O'Keeffe side of me. 

So I returned to a phrase I use often ~ omysweetgoodness. It is what I say when something makes me happy. And I want to choose happiness and light over darkness and brooding. I remembered something my friend, Susan, said about keeping life fluid ~ change things up, keep things interesting. 

So Oh My Sweet Goodness is where I am in my life today. It might change next month. But for now it's where I am.

Back to designing and I look up and see the sun was rising so grabbed my camera.

Then I heard The Mister grinding his coffee beans so went down to make a coconut chai latte and chat a bit. He was all wound up because the car he thought was going to be ours suddenly isn't pearl white; it's red. Huh-uh. No thank you. We'll wait.

Back to designing and of course, you know how it is ~ I looked up and suddenly it is 8:10. And I still don't think I like the new design that much. And I really do have a ton of work and deadlines looming.

Step away from the computer, Cindi...


  1. Blog redesign is a perpetual thing for me as well. I'm never pleased with the final product.
    I love your fall backdrop, but its a little difficult to read your title and your posts. Hopefully that is a little constructive criticism.
    I like Oh My Sweet Goodness, it's much more approachable. :) Hope you have a wonderful day!

  2. Thanks, Lauren. Yes, I am still tweaking... It's a bit busier than I would like so it could totally change tomorrow. ;-) I've gone with clean simple lines for so many years I wanted to try to add some pop - but it may be a bit too much pop. And thanks on the title - it suits me. Today anyway. ;-)