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Thursday, October 24, 2013

No, No, No said Kizzie

Kizzie and I went for a walk this morning. I was reminded how happy I am that she came into my life before this Autumn left. We came across several piles of leaves and I thought, hmmmm... wouldn't that make a lovely backdrop for a Kizzie portrait...

Kizzie is definitely photogenic. I should start carrying my Canon but right now I'm just remembering how to juggle a leash and a cell phone. So here's how our little photo shoot went.

I got Kizzie to sit but she said, No, No, No to posing.
(Go ahead. Get Amy Winehouse out of your head now.)

There was something behind her that was very interesting.

So I shot the top of her head for awhile.

Then I decided to hold my phone upside down 
and shoot her in the direction she was turning.

I seemed to be on to something...

And then she was done. ;-)

I think in time we'll be a good team.  Practice, patience ~ oh and probably treats. ;-)  Good girl, Kizzie.

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