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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Day We Went 'Round the Bend

Last week something pretty special happened. In fact, something rather extraordinary... My Mom celebrated her 95 years on the planet.

Think about that. 95 years. That's almost a century. Can you imagine the joy, the heartache, the love, the loss, the changes she has seen in her lifetime? The wisdom we can glean from her?

We asked her what she wanted to do to celebrate. She lives in a nice retirement community (still living independently in her own apartment and cooking and baking and sewing for the world - literally.) She wanted to host a party for her friends and family. And so we did.

And there was cake. A big cake.

Which was good because almost 100 people turned out. How 'bout that? A person for just about every year Mom has been on Earth. 

Four of her five children were there; my sister wasn't feeling well and couldn't make the trip.  We missed her...  But the four that were there each gave a little tribute to Mom and I think my brother said it best when he said, "We know why Mom's still here at 95. Because God's not done with her yet! She has more people to take care of!"  

So many people asked Mom what the secret to her longevity was... her response was always the same.  "Stay busy." I touched on that in my tribute to her - saying I hope I inherited her longevity gene because I have always taken Mom's advice about "staying busy" to heart. I need a couple of lifetimes to pursue all my interests!

Two days later on her actual birthday (September 24th) part of the family joined her for a scenic train ride.

Mom waiting for the train with her favorite son-in-law.
Ok. Her only son-in-law.

We went 'round the bend.

And we saw birds.

And canyons 120 feet straight down. Gulp.

I had time to chat with my sister. Who is uber cool.

And my brother who likes to photo bomb.

We were dubbed "The Rowdy Bunch."  
(You will notice who can't quite unplug. Ever. 
Yup, that's the Mister and me with our phones in our hands.)

I don't have a clue why.

It was a goofy, fun, wonderful way to make new memories 
on the day she turned 95...


  1. I hope your Mom can see this because it's a great tribute to a great woman and Mom who loves her children and friends very much !!! The short time I have got to know her I think she is an amazing woman !!! Very nice Cindi very nice !!!

  2. Thanks - Shane - I'm guessing the first comment is Shane - She's one of a kind.
    Lauren - it suited her perfectly. :)

  3. I love this post, Cindi. Looks like you had such a great trip. Your little mama is so beautiful!

  4. Thanks, Patrina ~ she's a treasure for sure. :)