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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Oh, It is Kismet.

My blog is quickly turning into "My Life with Kizzie."

Kizzie had her first visit yesterday with our wonderful Vet, Dr. Brenda Eisenhauer.  Even though Brenda's clinic, Parkside Animal Health Center has only been open for two years, we've been thru a lot together. She helped us say goodbye to Boda Kitty; she offered tissues and hugs when we said goodbye to Simba. We've shared a lot of tears.

So when Brenda walked into the exam room yesterday and saw Kizzie sitting blissfully between The Mister and me ~ she literally jumped up and down. The room was filled with joy.

Not only did Kizzie receive a clean bill of health, but ~ get this. The whole kismet thing has come full circle. Brenda works a couple of days a week at the Denver Dumb Friends League. Kizzie had a tooth removed while she was living there (last Monday). The Sunday prior to Kizzie's surgery, Brenda had been pulled aside by Ben (who hooked us up with Kizzie). He begged her to take a look at a special little dog to see if she needed to have a tooth extracted.

Yes, the special little dog was Kizzie.

Brenda didn't do the surgery but examined her and recommended the tooth come out. So when she was sitting on the floor yesterday checking Kizzie out she had an "aha" moment. "I know this dog!"

And... we're full circle and back to why Kizzie's formal name is Kismet.

And then this happened.  You all saw this coming.

Yup. That's Kizzie. In our bed. 

I have to admit it was nice to sleep in a little. I'm convinced she would stay there all day if we did. I'm sure we've created a monster ~ I have no doubt this will be a habit.

Our early morning walk was crisp and beautiful.

Kizzie quickly reminded me that although we donned our coats and hats, we failed to put her new coat on her. It was a short walk with shiver baby.

Next walk ~ the coat's on!

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