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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Absolute Best Feeling in the World

I'm becoming that old lady. You know - the one that carries her little dog around in a bag with rhinestones on it. 

And we're becoming those old farts who travel with their little dogs everywhere. (Yes, I said dogs - we don't have a friend for Kizzie yet but we're thinking it's kind of inevitable). Next thing you know we'll be driving around in an RV.

After our Vet recommended using a harness for Kizzie when we walk her I have spent hours searching online for the perfect harness for her - comfort is the #1 priority. And then I realized - wait - we're heading into winter and she's already wearing her coat on our morning and evening walks.

But now I need one that has the buckles on the back to hook up her leash - a coat with harness if you will. More hours of research.

I was out most of the day today - the first time I've left Kizzie alone for several hours since she joined our family a week ago.  A couple of hours in I was literally having separation anxiety. This is ridiculous.

While my hair was turning blonde I received a text from The Mister. All it said was, "How is Kizzie." We're hopeless.

But the errands needed to be run ~ and I found a coat w/harness and a promising comfy harness at - of all places - Home Goods. Isn't that where everyone shops for their pet?

My hair was in desperate need of shaping and blonding - so that was a necessary 2.5 hours.

Then I fought rush hour traffic - taking short cuts where I could because I couldn't wait to get home.

And wow. I don't think there is a better feeling in the world than walking thru the door and a 10.8 lb bundle of fur dances and jumps and the tail wags and she can't wait to be picked up and there are puppy kisses and oh my ~ it's wonderful!

I'm hopeless. 

And I love these little dancing, jumping, cuddling feet.

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