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Monday, May 6, 2013

Balance, Kindness and The Meaning of Life

When my sons were little I vaguely remember them watching Mr. Roger's Neighborhood occasionally, but we were more a Sesame Street family.  So it is interesting that recently as I am seeing more and more about Mr. Rogers and his life in the news and on Facebook, etc. that I feel I am just learning what a wonderful soul he was.

Reading this article just reinforced that. I had a laugh. I had a tear. And it made me want to be a better person. It made me wonder how I can do that.

Life for me is changing and I'm kind of a big ball of mush these days so that's probably why Mr. Rogers is speaking to me.  I've been so focused on making my business a success

that a lot of things in my life have kind of fallen by the wayside the past few years.  Balance is difficult for me but maybe it's time to make time and remember the really important things

(And I might add - cats, too!)

And probably most important...

Baby steps. Again. Still.

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