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Friday, May 31, 2013

Balls Out, People! Oh My...

A sure sign that I'm a little more relaxed (as in not inundated with orders) is when I start perusing recipes.  And since I made that appointment for a physical next week (the one that took me about 9 years to make...) it's time to get healthy!  In a week!  

I'm a terrible breakfast eater ~ in that I usually don't eat breakfast. But now that my days are starting with strolls in the park around 6 am by about 8:00 or so I'm ready for a bite.

So I experimented the other day with my first smoothie

Yes, I know smoothies have been around for eons but I never gave them much thought. After one I'm a convert. I really liked this combo of blueberries, banana, vanilla yogurt, wheat germ and white grape juice.

Although next time I will follow the recipe and use frozen blueberries.
I do like my drinks cold. 

I liked it so much I am looking forward to trying more recipes and tweaking them to make them my own. 

Then this morning after my park walk and returning home to do the 5 minute Simba walk to the mailbox and back (she's 15.5 - cut her some slack),

I learned that The Mister didn't have meetings until this afternoon, so I decided to try this Balls Out recipe I stumbled upon the other night. (Got your attention, didn't I?)

Balls out, of course

referring to removing avocado pits. 

Such an easy peasy recipe I couldn't believe I had never tried it before.  Pit the avocados, scoop out a little extra avocado to make room for a scrambled egg.  (I'll spare you a pic of a raw scrambled egg because frankly, that would make me gag. You?)

Then I poured the whipped up eggs into the avocados. 

Obviously my pouring technique needs some work. 
Slippery little buggers, those raw eggs.

And I need to get my sprinkling skills down as well. But you get the idea. I opted for Hawaiian Black Salt (kinda' smoky) probably because I've been listening to a lot of Jack Johnson lately. (Yes the Jack Johnson that I am very late to the party enjoying and, trust me, my friends let me know I've been living under a rock.) I added some smoky paprika, too.  Obviously. You can add whatever spices or embellishments you like ~ it will be fun to experiment.

Pop in the oven at 425 degrees for about 15 minutes (your time may vary) and there ya' go - breakfast in an avocado.

Promise I'll work on that presentation.
Years ago a friend dated a guy who liked to cook 
and he always told her
"My dear, presentation is everything."
We figured out later he was gay.
Not that there's anything wrong with that.  We loved him to pieces. 

The mister opted for the super duper HOT sauce one of his clients makes. Me ~ I went with the Buffalo Tabasco.

So although we both stood in the kitchen eating these new little delights (he next to a laptop he was working on; me over my Surface researching drink recipes for the weekend) ~~ it was really nice to have an impromptu Friday morning breakfast with my sweetie.

Who, as I was making my list for the market said, 
"Why don't you pick up some avocados?"


(A little note about the pix here - with the exception of the first and last photo - which are Lensbabies, of course - these were all taken with my Windows phone. So they are what they are.)  J

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