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Monday, May 13, 2013

The Private Umbrella

As I write the Mister is on the deck planting 5 of these puppies (the large ones) and 9 of these puppies (the small ones)

(Arborvitae ~ or what I call Cedar)

The way our house was designed left our deck somewhat "public."  As in not super private. As in it is my least favorite feature of our house (which in general I pretty much love). As in it almost made me pass on this house. As in once Mr. Friendly (aka The Mister) got to know everyone within 500 yards of our house and the joke "What time is the umbrella going up at the Herleman's?" became a real question... 

well, it was time to retreat a bit.  So we planted the slowest growing bushes known to man around the deck. And every year we have to remind the landscapers ~~ please don't trim them!

We needed more.  So my Mother-in-law (who loves to problem-solve and catalog shop ~ lucky for us) gave us four fabulous all-weather wicker-looking flower baskets to add another level of privacy.

So I can soon see these little lovelies return from last year (I harvest seeds from one year to the next)

We still needed more.  Now with our little forest 

well, maybe not quite a forest...

we are building a fortress around us.  

Maybe not quite a fortress...  but we're getting there.  Flowers are next.  Hummingbird feeders to follow. Maybe a new comfy chair or two with a little table for cocktails...

And soon the phrase heard coming from this deck will be, "Hellooooo Privacy. I've missed you!"

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