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Friday, May 24, 2013

It's a Holiday!

I woke up this morning and for the first time in ~ oh I don't know... months ~ didn't feel rushed to get into the studio and start working.  Having just made a rather large delivery - a combo of Whee Ones

and some fun canvas wrap prints of retro neon signs around Denver (oh and a shot of the Colorado Capitol Dome I was restocking)

I have such affection for retro signs and plan to shoot more soon!
And lucky me - 4 prints were sold this morning!

to one of my favorite shops I Heart Denver downtown I was feeling relaxed.  

[Side bar (no pun intended) ~ it was great to stop on the way home after the delivery yesterday and clink glasses

with The Mister

Ok, ok, glass and copper mug

at one of our favorite Denver haunts Racines and to celebrate and catch up with ol' friends.]

So as we were planning our holiday weekend, being the Mister and I, of course it is a mix of work and play. There are a couple of Art Festivals downtown that we may check out.  We have some yummy ideas for grilling some of our favorite meals accompanied by some serious deck sitting with a cocktail to enjoy our newly planted flowers and trees.

I have a couple of orders to fill, but they aren't rush so I look forward to a few domestic duties I've neglected for ~ oh I don't know... months. Being a little OCD as I am it drives me crazy not to have my closets and drawers and cupboards neat and tidy ~ a place for everything and everything in its place. So that to me is fun! My studio and storage spaces will probably take a month, but this ~ this is a start.

I would show you a "before" pic 
but it was too embarrassing to even take one.

And it should be noted that although it may appear that a 12 year old works at this desk, it is indeed the desk of a 58 year old who creates things for children and hence, has an affinity for the whimsical and finds inspiration there.  

That said ~ it looks like a 12 year old works here.

And I do believe I have a 12 year old poltergeist is tapping me on the shoulder right now.  Five minutes ago my dry erase board fell off the wall. A second ago my "never, never, never give up" plaque fell off the wall.

I think I'm supposed to give up and go have that holiday cocktail with the Mister...

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