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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Red or White?

If you've known me for five minutes you know I have a fondness for the grape.  In liquid form.  And I'm not talkin' grape juice.  So the deal I make with myself is I work hard and I relax hard.  Especially when I finish a big project (and a lot of them seem to be big these days...) I get a reward.  And since I'll be making an appointment for a physical soon I thought I would pay homage to my evening/weekend/vacation drink of choice.  Before the doctor tells me to knock it off.

I have always been a chardonnay girl

Ah, memories... This was poolside at the Bellagio in Las Vegas 
a few years ago.
One of the first times I took my Lensbaby 2.0 on a little trip
and we were becoming friends.

And I like it over ice. And I don't care what the wine snobs think.

And yes, I usually prefer a flat-bottomed glass.  
My friends talk with their hands.  
You get the picture.

Once in awhile I will choose a red 

to go with a nice Italian meal.

But I always come back to my beloved white.

If you know me and if you knew my sisters
you would know that this is absolutely the way things are.
Yup, that's me.  The rebel in the boots, wine in hand.

So tonight after I had packed up 43 Whee Ones - all tagged with their personal little stories; and 9 canvas wrap prints all tagged with stories and history of the Denver landmarks and retro neon signs - everything inventoried and in their satchels ready to deliver ~  I thought a glass of vino was in order.

Keeping in mind that my blood pressure has been high lately (oh the joys of getting older and stressing out about every little thing - and a couple of big things) and I know my doc will wag his finger at me when I see him ~ I opted for a glass of red.  On ice thank you very much.

It's a nice little pinot.  Not bad.  And yes, I will drink it ala 
Diane Keaton style - on ice.

Not everyone in the family opts for the ice;

but I don't judge.

And it seems the irony in my life never ends.  I grabbed a fortune cookie leftover from our last delivery to munch on with my wine.  Are you fricking kidding me?

Oh the irony.
Perhaps it is time to try that yoga thing again.
Or at least take a walk.

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