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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Power of a Little 3 x 3

Remember when Berger broke up with Carrie on a Post-It Note?  So cold.

I'm counting the number of Post-It messages stuck to my monitors and speakers right now.  Let's see... 16. And three - oh wait - four more that have fallen down due to loss of stickiness.  I need a Post-It to keep track of my Post-Its.  They have important messages like: 

  • passwords (come on - can you remember all of yours?) 
  • ideas for blog posts 
  • quotes 
  • charities I want to follow up with 
  • vacation ideas 
  • when to pay my Old Navy bill (Yes, I'm an Old Navy girl. Where did you think all those Hello Kitty tees came from?)
  • what size duvet cover to order 
  • when the pink chenille will be back in stock at my favorite online fabric store 
  • a reminder to carry our caterer/chef's business card in my purse 
  • movies and TV series to check out on Netflix and Hulu+
  • thank you notes to print and send
  • canvas wraps to order
  • and for some inexplicable reason - a note reminding me that back in 2010 I lost 26 lbs in a few weeks. That's probably to make me feel guilty every time I pop another mini Reese's peanut butter cup into my mouth...
You know, important stuff.

I keep a lot of my reminders on my Outlook calendar but for some reason I can't give up the Post-Its. The Mister and I are constantly putting Post-its on the door to the garage and the front door to remind us of things as we leave the house. (I think my kids do this, too. Apples. Trees.) 

I've had a Post-It by The Mister's espresso machine for three months to remind him to clean the dryer vent. I think he looks at it as a beautiful work of art now because I included flames indicating that if he doesn't clean the dryer vent the house will burn to the ground. 

I put Post-Its on the bathroom mirror to remind me when I have an appointment somewhere (dentist, hair,etc.) because I live such a workaday routine I have to remind myself to leave the house.

The Mister even writes me little love notes on Post-Its (very unBerger-like).  I tried to find the last one - I know it's purple and it was last seen in the kitchen junk drawer. If you saw my junk drawer you would understand. It is the Black Hole of useless things. Except love notes, of course.

I couldn't find the purple one but I remember the day I went out to my Jeep and this note was on the seat. With the Mister's business card - just in case I didn't know who left it. Yup, that's My Mister. :)

Last night, however, I learned a new way to use Post-Its. One that can make a person's day, bring a smile ~ who knows, maybe change a life.  And it all started with some little kids. (Take 2.26 minutes and take a peek at that video ~ it will make you smile!) What a sweet and simple idea to take a wall in a school ~ or in a workplace ~ or even a home ~ and let someone know you appreciate them.  Random Acts of Kindness. Little notes of gratitude. 

And a little boy who is exceptional at tying shoes.

So I think I'll hang on to my Post-Its and my obsession with them.  They're handy little things for - oh I don't know -  making someone's day.

xoxo, peeps Y 

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