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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Mothers. Don't Mess with Them.

The other day seemed rather uneventful in the park.  I noticed the armada approaching.

But they were harmless.

I noticed some "photographers." 

I put that in parenthesis because I kind of have a problem with nature "photographers" driving up in their big ass pickup trucks and whipping out their 100,000 mm lenses to shoot.  I think that's cheating.  (And what are they shooting?  The inside of a pelican's eyeball?)  And sorry, but I think using tripods for nature shooting is for sissies. (Granted I'm blessed with steady hands so maybe that's a little judgmental.)

To me shooting in nature is all about getting out there - getting a little dirty - taking a risk now and then - tripping over rocks (and hopefully not landing lens first in the creek). Really being IN nature. I mean John Fielder used to haul something like 75 lbs. of camera equipment as he hiked to the top of mountains for cryin' out loud.

But I digress.

I said things were uneventful ~ until I came up over the hill and saw this crafty fellow.

And I realized what he was doing.

He was at the market shopping for his picnic breakfast.  I realize a hawk's gotta' do what a hawk's gotta' do, but come on ~ these were babies!

Then he saw me.

And he was not happy.  As my friend, Karen, said,
"No one gives the stink eye like a hawk."

He may have remembered me from the other day.  He looks a lot like the same fellow. At any rate, he wasn't pleased with my presence.

But I did what any good Mother would do 

I suggested he move on down the road.
Or lake as it would be.

No sooner had I made that suggestion than I noticed Mama Duck skirting along the edge of the water drawing his attention away from the babies.

Don't ef with Mothers.

But, of course, like a typical Mom I worried about those babies the rest of the day...

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