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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Bird Walk

Now that I've resumed my morning walks I'm seeing that it depends which camera or which lens I grab that ends up influencing what I experience on any given day. Take yesterday for example.  I carried my Canon with my 70-300mm and ~ voilĂ  ~ I'm on a bird walk.

The pelicans are always entertaining

The blackbirds were having a drink.

The geese were all in a row.

The great blue heron was as elusive as ever.

The mallards were doing their mallard thing.

The hawk was having breakfast. (I'm thinking this was a poor little snake.)

He saw me but convinced I didn't want to steal his breakfast (yuck), 

went back to his meal.

And then there was this couple. Who thought they owned the path.

She seemed to guard the way

And pose a lot.

While he chowed down. Or it's possible that he guarded the path as she chowed down. It is rather hard to tell...

And then they kindly invited me to leave.

See?  Bird walk.  Not a flower in the bunch.

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