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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wildfires and Wildlife and Wild Woman

It seems that no matter how early my day starts I sit down to write later and later. For me, that is a good sign. One that I am finally - for the first time in months - relaxing a little bit. And living my life a little more like a "normal" person rather than a work-crazed machine. Yay me. :)

Today started about 3:30 am, but it is amazing how fast the time goes. I did catch my first sunrise in awhile.

But unfortunately when I looked out my studio window (on the other side of the house) all I saw was haze.

Not so much haze as smoke from wildfires
burning north of us in Rocky Mountain National Park

It has been hot the last couple of days

Unusually hot for early in June.
And conditions were ripe for wildfires ~
extreme heat, dry vegetation and wind.
There are currently 4 wildfires burning in Colorado.

So I feel blessed that at sunrise today this was my path

But my thoughts were never far from friends to the south near one of the wildfires

And it occurred to me that we live on the edge of a wild 880 acre state park and are vulnerable. Perhaps an evacuation plan would be a good idea for us to develop.

I saw my lonely little friend again

And she saw me.

I have no idea if she is the same doe I saw the other day. But I am surprised to see a deer alone. I don't recall seeing a doe all alone before. I hope she's ok...

And it was nice to know the sentinel was at his post.

"Don't go in there."

Even after last night's delicious fish tacos from The Spicy Radish

I returned home super hungry. So it was time for some avocado eggs. The avocados were *ahem* quite ripe, so I did my best.

Yesterday I stocked up on smoothie ingredients so breakfast the rest of the week is on.

Blueberries and peaches and lemons
and oranges and bananas and pineapples - oh my.

Even cranky chicken approves.

And on a totally different note.

I used to take SPs all the time (before they were called "selfies").
Then I gained weight and I stopped liking myself.
I'm slowly working my way back.
She says popping another chocolate covered peanut.
Nuts are healthy, right?

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