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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Here's to The New!

I'm the first to admit the Mister and I are creatures of habit.  We tend to frequent the same places ~ because it's comfortable, because it's easy. If we go out in the evening (and by evening I mean any time after 4:00) we're both tired after of a day of decision-making, so it's just easier.

We were reminded last night why it's good to step out of our "lazy/comfort" zone.  A friend gifted us with gift card to D Bar Denver and after a feeble attempt to find the First Friday Art Walk in the RiNo Art District our thoughts turned to food and a place to sit and relax. 

"Well," says I, "I have that gift card for D. We've never been there; want to try it?"

So off we go up 17th in Uptown Denver to find D.  We discovered later that it isn't a place one can often just "drop in" and find a table on the lovely patio or the cute inside seating area. We discovered later that it is not unusual to wait anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours for a table.  But as luck would have it, we pulled up right in front, had our choice of tables and sat down to relax.  On a Friday at 5:30pm.  Go figure.  The Universe was being very kind which was really nice because it's been an interesting couple of days.

It was one of those early summer nights ~ you know the kind. June has been trying to show off her summerness, even though it's still spring. Friday was a warm day in the upper 80's. But sitting under the feathery spring green leaves of this  beautiful tree with a cool breeze blowing lightly ~ well... it was pretty perfect.

The wait staff was very friendly and oh so accommodating ~ sit anywhere you would like and we'll be with you in a minute.  The menus were extensive ~ Happy Hour Menus, Appetizer and Main Dish Menus, Wine Menus and the famous Dessert Menu.

And despite my professed love of wine I find myself broadening my horizons when it comes to beverages. It could be my current obsession with smoothies but I find - after all these years - it's fun to experiment with a drink that may have more than one ingredient. And maybe little to no alcohol. And D Bar Denver was a great place to try something new.

I opted for the B-3 ~ Blueberries, Basil and Bubbles (Prosecco).

So good I had two.

The mister choose a "chai-irish" tea - chai tea and Bailey's Irish Cream.

We both agreed we are going to try to duplicate these yummy drinks at home!

Our non-healthy but quite yummy appetizer was huge bowl of Crue Fries (garlic parm fries, mac sauce, melted cheddar jack, ranch and chives with bacon on the side)

Yes, you are correct. The food coma began to set in early on...

So because I had been so decadent with my appetizer I opted for something a little lighter for my meal ~ a Not Quite a Cobb Salad.  The Mister had an awesome looking Pizza Salad Sandwich (which I failed to get a pic of) ~ it was basically a couple of slices of pizza with the salad right inside.  What a timesaver. ;-)

D Bar Denver is known for their desserts ~ they even have separate dessert menus for "Broad Daylight" and "@ Night".  We had to take our desserts home!  No room in the full bellies and the food comas were setting in deep. But we weren't about to leave a place known for their desserts without dessert!

So I will post pix of our "bag 'o' donuts" (which ironically yesterday was National Doughnut Day!); our oatmeal raisin cookies and 3-layer chocolate cake with Madagascar chocolate frosting later.  If I remember to take pix before we devour them.

Suffice it to say, we are thrilled we discovered this little gem and definitely will return!

So in the "keep trying new things" plan ~ this morning's smoothie was a new one. This Breakfast Strawberry Smoothie was super easy and very yum.

Easy peasy ~ strawberries, flax seed, vanilla yogurt,
1% organic milk and a couple of squirts of honey.

Done in a flash and even Cranky Chicken approves.

Open wide.

Enjoy.  And we did. 

Happy weekend!

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