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Friday, June 28, 2013

What Ever Will I Do?

For the first time in months - maybe a year - save one small Etsy bunny order to complete, I have no pending orders.

...I'm taking a minute to assimilate that.

So yesterday when The Mister asked me to tag along to a brief [sort of] business meeting at World of Beer (Mad Men Version 2013) ~ I had no reason not to go. Of course had I known it was a beer/sports bar (he wisely didn't tell me where the meeting was going to be), I probably could have used that as my excuse. 

So I went and drank a glass of wine and played on Facebook while he did his thing.

And the next surprise was wandering across the way to meet other friends at Jax Fish House for Happy Hour. I was told the restaurant had only been open 2 days. The appetizers were things that I absolutely shouldn't be eating right now (I've lost 5 lbs and I don't want to blow it), but they were yummy.

Calamari with mango-chile mojo & lime aioli
Grilled Fish Cakes Dynamite with sriracha mayo

And I'm making an effort to step out of my chardonnay comfort zone (aka chardonnay rut). Our cute server recommended Jax White Sangria. Sure, I'll give it a shot.

Jax White Sangria
White wine, pineapple syrup, orange vodka,
blood orange juice and fresh citrus
The sangria - quite yum.
The oysters - not a fan.

For my Denver peeps ~ both World of Beer and Jax Fish House are calling themselves a Cherry Creek location, but they are in Glendale. There is a whole new development behind the Hilton Garden Inn Denver Cherry Creek on Colorado Boulevard (and Cherry Creek South Drive). I don't recall everything that is there but there are several restaurants with more to come. 

So this morning (after a 2:30 am sudden wake-up anxiety attack ~ oh the scary things that the wee dark hours bring to one's mind) I walked into my studio and realized I didn't have an order list on my work table. Of course there's always R & D to be done; but other than a quick bunny to whip up, nothing urgent.

So I walked back out to contemplate my day over a smoothie.

I'm getting better at just winging the recipes.
Orange juice, vanilla bean yogurt,
pineapple, peach, some flax seeds and ice.

I kind of don't know what to do with myself. Until I look at my studio which strongly resembles a place where a bomb just exploded.  The Mister and I have big plans for the next week as we are going to be switching his office space and my studio space. I will be making his loft office into my studio ~ much larger and much cooler. I mean temperature-wise. Turns out my studio in the summer is the hottest room in the house - even with the AC on. So tons of work ahead moving technology and furniture and reorganizing on both our parts. It will be worth it. And keeping my mind and body busy for the  2 weeks is essential.

We are trying on an Amazon Prime membership for size. So in addition to our Hulu+ and Netflix addictions we will probably have a new one to add to the mix. Perhaps as I finish the laundry (that need to be productive never leaves), I'll sit and knit and watch some flicks. I say that but I know I will automatically flip on The West Wing because I'm hopelessly hooked again. ;-)


  1. That white sangria sounds delish! Enjoy your new, cooler space and your break!

  2. It is a great summer drink! And thanks, I'm looking forward to new digs with a bit more room. You know how fabric reproduces like rabbits. ;-)