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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Always Question Authority. Always.

As much as I complain about getting older ~~

No that's not a Beatles shirt from the 60's.
It's a re-issue.
But, yes, I am definitely old enough to have worn an original.

there are some things this shy and quiet Norwegian is getting better at. One of them is speaking up when I think something is wrong. Especially when it comes to my health.

You'll recall I was quite relieved the other day when it appeared all my extra tests post-physical came in ok ~ nothing life-threatening and nothing to be worried about.  

Being a little OCD and hyper-organized I requested a copy of the test results from my doctor and the imaging center and because of HIPA they couldn't email them to me ~ only fax or snail mail. Who has a fax anymore? And I know there is a way to do it via computer, but I don't know everything. So I requested snail mail.

I got them in the mail this morning but as I was in rushing off to my mammogram

The one size fits all gowns are really a fashion statement.
I've gained weight, but no, I didn't quite fill this one out.

I didn't take the time to open the test results/report.

(June seems to be health month for me. Might as well just do it and do it all at once.)

I checked the report when I got home. In reading it I was puzzled because I knew two lumps had been tested. The report referred to a lump - singular - with the description and dimensions for one lump only.

Without hesitation I called the doc. Checking was done and oh my! The radiologist missed the ultra sound of the second lump - the one I'm really concerned about.

So here I sit again. Waiting. Thank you my sweet friend, Jen, who said - don't worry about the results because you can't do anything about them right now. Once you get them - then you deal with the next steps and how to handle it.  And this dear girl knows whereof she speaks.

I should hear by tomorrow afternoon what the second results are. Just in time to send me off to an evening with the Mister and friends ~ watching a baseball game under the stars. Drinks may be celebratory or drowning my sorrows...

Lesson here? Always question authority. Always ask questions. Always get as much information as you possibly can. It's your body - your health - your life. No one is going to look out for you like you!

Here's to health. Fingers crossed this time.


  1. Good for you for checking on them! I always get copies of my test too! My fingers are crossed for you!

  2. Thanks, Kathleen. I'm frustrated, but yes, it's always good to double, triple check. (And I'm not surprised you do, too) ;-)