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Monday, April 29, 2013

Anticipating Summer. Right.

Spring finally said hello to Colorado over the weekend!

(Of course this is a tulip from 2012.  
After seven snows this month my tulips this year are, umm... struggling.)

Temperatures in the upper 70's had me thinking about breaking out the shorts (and crossing my fingers they still fit); putting the boots in the back of the closet and bringing out the Tom's.  

I scrubbed the winter off the deck tables and chairs thought about the veggies I want to plant.

(A tad early to plant yet, so this is a Polaroid from a couple of years ago.)

Screens were put in the windows, the patio doors opened wide to let the great outdoors in.  And the best thing about that is the sounds and scents that drift in ~~

The boats on the lake in the distance

A soft breeze blowing thru the grass...

The scent of fresh flowers on the windowsill in my studio

So we're happy and thinking warm thoughts of summertime fun.

And then I heard the weather forecast this morning.  81 degrees and sunny today. Yay!  

And Wednesday, May 1... 

I have no words.

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