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Sunday, April 7, 2013

In the Whee Small Hours of the Morning...

I never intended for this blog to be about my business.  But anyone who knows me will tell you that I pretty much eat, sleep, drink (well except for the  ~ ahem ~ occasional glass of wine) and breathe what I do.  Because I love what I do.  So it is hard to separate me from business.  And as my 94 year old Mom would say about sewing, "That's not work!  That's fun!"  

Apple. Tree.

Once in awhile I get an idea for a product that just seems to come out of nowhere.  And once in awhile if it is something I just feel might be fun to make, I become obsessed with developing it.  I tweak and tweak and tweak until I work all the kinks out and then the fun really begins.

And so it has been this weekend with the Whee Tote Bags I've developed.  They are a twist on a bag I made a couple of years ago, but I like this one much better.  It's smaller and cuter than the previous incarnation and I'm using coordinating flannels and finally found a use for my button collection and a few other notions.  It's all about the accents, ya' know.

And I do love buttons.  I remember as a little girl sitting with my Mom's big glass jar of buttons and sorting them by color and shape.  I guess that OCD thing started young...

And no, I didn't eat all that gelato.  Nope. Not me...

And I love fabric ~ particularly flannel because the designs are so frickin' cute.

So I spent all day Saturday making bags.  And was up again at 1:30 am to make more.  And will spend the rest of today making more.  Obsessed?  Me?  Nah. ;-)

So Mornin' Peeps ~ Carry on. I've bags to make!  

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