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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Four-Legged People with Fur

Cats and dogs have been a part of my family my entire adult life ~ all of them rescues.  But I've never had any of them live as long as A-choo and Simba. Well, Ames, the cat came close - he was 15 when we said good-bye.  But Simba at 15.5 and A-choo at 20... well, they are the current record holders.  

And boy, do they require attention.  I feel like I have a couple of toddlers in the house again.  They follow me wherever I go (even the bathroom!). They constantly want to be fed and, gah, are they are picky eaters.   They like their naps. They pee a lot. They get me up in the middle of the night and early morning hours are routine.  A day doesn't go by that someone doesn't have an "accident" or pukes somewhere in the house.


I find if I don't hear them snoring at night, I lie awake worrying.

When I walk past them I have to stop until I am sure they are breathing.  Simba lost her hearing about a year ago so we have our own little sign language.  Her eyesight is fading but the one sense she has always used the most - her sense of smell - is sharper than ever.  Her nickname of Sniffy McSnifferson is well-deserved ~ sniff every blade of grass, every snowflake.  Trust me ~ a walk with her will never garner a cardio workout!

If A-choo doesn't wake me up at 4am crying to be fed, I think she's dead.  Oh and I promised to explain her nickname ~ Cry Baby Ranch.  In the past year she has become quite vocal and her way of getting my attention is to cry relentlessly - until I feed her.  So I started calling her Cry Baby.  Then it evolved into Cry Baby Ranch because there is a funky, fun store on Larimer Street in Denver called Cry Baby Ranch.  So now it makes total sense, right?

They require a lot of attention and a lot of patience.  But I ask you how could you possibly resist these little faces??  I know their time with us is limited ~ and I am so grateful for the joy and laughter and unconditional love they have given us over the years...  

Hug your critters today and ~

Mornin' peeps!  Y

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