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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

What? Me Worry? It's 3 am isn't it?!

Worry is the most useless emotion.  Well there's guilt ~ that's useless, too because if you're feeling guilty it's already too late.  Whatever you're feeling guilty about has already happened and there's usually not a lot you can do to remedy that.

But back to worry, because I'm a pro. If they gave degrees for worrying I would be a PhD. I'm a 3:00 am worrier. I can count on at least three or four mornings a week opening one eye to check out those red digits on that little wooden block next to the bed and sure enough - they are usually led by a "3."  

Dr. Wayne Dyer says those early morning hours ~ right around 3:00 ~ is when God talks to you.  Well, if that's true, God has a sick sense of humor and he really gets a kick out of waking me up. (3:00 am is also when those pesky paranormal activities start but that's another story for another day.) Because undoubtedly all these worries start swirling in my mind like a mix-master and they build on each other and no matter how hard I try, they aren't going to let me return to the land of nod.

I worry about getting my products to my stores in a timely manner and filling special orders asap.

No one has ever complained but customer service is huge for me and that includes keeping my shop owners happy and their shops well-stocked.

I worry about my kids. Who are adults now and doing quite well on their own.

But I'm a Mom until I die and even then I'll probably worry about my kids for about three days.

I worry about the mister and his stress level and his health and that he works all the time and when he has time off he's exhausted...

And yet I've never met anyone who can multi-task like that guy, keep smiling and keep going.

I worry about my Mom.

Who at 94.5 runs circles around me. So go figure.

I worry about my in-laws who are such dear people. 

But one can't stop the years...

And along those same lines, I worry about A-choo.  She's 20 years old.

And really cranky sometimes.

I worry about Simba who used to love to go to the park.

Now at 15.5 she is happy just to walk a couple of blocks to pick up the mail and go home.

I worry about guns and bombs and innocent people being hurt.  I worry about how stupid the "leaders" in our country have become.  But don't get me started. Seriously. You don't want me to go there.

I worry about my cholesterol and my liver and my sodium and my calcium and my risk for diabetes and high blood pressure and everything else I read on my recent blood test results from the 9Health Fair. Freaks me out, man. Although every year when I read those I become the classic hypochondriac. And every year I live to take another blood test.

That being said, I thought I was a fairly healthy eater; but I guess I need to step that whole thing up and the exercise as well.

The one thing those annoying 3 am worry wake up calls do for me?  The only good thing that comes of them? They give a really swift kick-start to my work day.

And in the end ~ that's all worry does. Gets me up and productive at an early hour. None of the things I woke up worrying about have changed and there is nothing I can do to change any of them anyway.

Useless emotion. Bah.

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