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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Big Sky Required.

I remarked to someone the other day that I could never live anywhere that doesn't have big sky.  Unless it has an ocean.  Then I could. But the two typically go hand in hand.  Big sky ~ big ocean. Now there's a combo I could live with. Someday...

But since I've spent the last 38.5 years in landlocked Colorado, I turn to the sky. And it rarely disappoints.

I am extremely claustrophobic, so knowing there is a vast amount of open space above my head is comforting to me. (Ask my husband how many times he has had to take the stairs because I can't step into a crowded elevator...)

So big sky suits me just fine. Sometimes the sky is so blue it hurts my eyes.

And we are approaching one of my favorite times of the year for sky-viewing ~ Thunderstorm Season!!

Sometimes I see things in the sky that others don't.  Like hearts.

And sometimes I surprise myself.

And then there are the crazy, stupid, incredible sunsets.

And don't even get me started on the sunrises...

You know the drill ~~ mornin' peeps. :)

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