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Friday, April 19, 2013

The "New" House

We're coming up on another anniversary. May 3 will mark six years in what we still call our "new house."

And it will mark six years that I have not painted a wall, not bought a drape (we have blinds, of course, but they're basic); I've barely hung art or rearranged furniture. 

It's a great house.  So I ask myself why I am so hesitant to make it my own.  It took me about eight years to finally make our old house ours, too. And then we sold it two years later. Maybe it was all those years living in rentals ~ trying to decide where we finally wanted to land.  Maybe I'm still waiting to land.

And the funny thing is I love design. I love decorating. I love color. Had I taken another turn I would have enjoyed trying my hand as an interior decorator.

Maybe it's because we fluctuate between wanting to live a little more urban 

and wanting to just pull up stakes and move to the ocean.

Wouldn't a combo of both be lovely...

And it doesn't help that our friend - who we already know will be our realtor when we decide where we're going next - keeps telling us "It's a really good time to sell now. Your house - in your neighborhood - has really gone up in value."  

It comes back to my personality I think ~ always looking for the next thing. Meanwhile I'm not enjoying what I have right now.  I seem to thrive on change and if I'm constantly changing there is no "now."

Whoa, this is getting too deep for a Friday morning.  But there's a little lesson on living in the present.  (You're welcome.)

We know this isn't our forever home and I'm always thinking resale value (thanks Tim the realtor for always being in my head)... but I am feeling a little more ready to settle in.  A friend reminded me that (1) changes I make to the house might actually enhance the value (they probably would); (2) nothing I do can't be undone; and (3) I've already been here six years and could have been enjoying some really nice color and design for six years had I acted sooner.  I could be here another six or twelve ~ so relax!  And make it your own, Cindi, she said.

Let's see what the summer brings.

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