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Saturday, April 13, 2013

On Success...

So I started my Saturday as I do every day - I pour myself a tall glass of ice water, climb the stairs to my studio and methodically open the tabs I keep open and check several times thruout the day.  Turn on the TV and watch a little news; read a little news online.  Read a couple of blogs I follow. Catch up on email, respond to a few. Check my Etsy shop for activity; check FB for anything exciting I may have missed overnight.  And finally take a look at my perpetual Order List, update it and decide where I will start with my work day.

Along the way this Saturday morning though I stopped and read an article "What Most Successful People Do With Their Weekends"  Of course I expected to read about a mixture of work and play; but mostly work.  This is where my head has been at for about 4 years folks so bear with me...  I was surprised the article emphasized relaxation.  Getting some fresh air, doing other things you enjoy, spending time with family and friends can recharge your batteries.  A run or a hike in nature can clear your head and help you work thru things that may have stumped you sitting behind a computer.  Even planning a fun event or a vacation can be relaxing and bring happiness.

Funny thing is I know this.  I used to start every day like this:

And I shared it with wild critters like this:

Next to the water like this:

And then something happened.

My little business took off like gangbusters because I work on the weekends!

Trust me, I'm getting better at finding some balance; I do take time to play. But a little work every day ~ especially when it is something you love doing ~ never hurt anyone.  And building something totally on my own from the ground up ~ making something out of nothing ~ is extremely rewarding.  Successful is not a word I ever thought I would associate with myself but dammit, I think I'm getting there.  And Zelda would agree ~ we're having a helluva' good time along the way. 

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